My summer project: MEAN.TS

Now that I have spent several weeks looking into TypeScript and the MEAN stack, I have decided to spend the next few weeks to attempt and create a more complete application stack beyond a simple “hello world” application.

After looking at the various MEAN solutions out there, I chose to use MEAN.JS as a basis for the project. This is a popular option with great documentation and a growing community.

My plan from here is:

  1. To convert portions of the server-side code to TypeScript.
  2. To convert portions of the client-side code to TypeScript.
  3. To convert any remaining JavaScript code, such as tests, to TypeScript.

Over the following weeks, I will use this blog to track my progress, but also to share the challenges and topics of interest encountered. The code will be open source and available on GitHub.

This may end up as an interesting proof-of-concept boilerplate application, or as a catastophic mess. Nonetheless, I would not consider the outcome a failure, as the aim is to at gain some further insight in using TypeScript along with Node.js, Angular.js and Express.js. If others will find this journey interesting, then even better!

Now to create the fork and start coding…



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